Artist statement

I make no distinction between creating visual art and writing poetry; for me, painting and drawing are just other ways of writing poetry.

My aim is to make people laugh at danger, the world, and themselves; not as a way of escaping the frightful reality of life but rather as a way of confronting it directly. If concern with the human condition is difficult to find in my art, it is because of the comic elements, and because my subjects (cats, birds, snakes, avaricious plants, insects, amphibians, bats) wear masks.

My art and poetry lie outside the mainstream of modern art movements. My work does not take up the cudgel for social reform, feminism, environmentalism or any other ism, even though I am greatly concerned about environmental degradation in our earthly Eden. I believe in making art to feed the soul. I may even be delusional in thinking that in painting a canvas the Maker is talking to me. Possibly He is! Don’t I paint his creatures, birds, cats, bees and fauna in my garden? Is there a tiny morsel of God in all of us?

Most of my creative work is done in the late afternoon, or in the very early hours of the morning when chronic insomnia prevails. However, the specific time, place or circumstance is irrelevant; it is the technique of drawing, painting or writing that dominates. I am only the servant of my muse in these creative pursuits.

Most of my creative process is cerebral. My ideas are like rolls of film that get developed in the darkroom of my mind. The images have infinitesimal dots of meaning that, bit by bit, start to take form in my brain. I distort and twist the mundane world to its essential reality through craft, humor, fantasy, honesty and intensity.